Pipeline Technician use Andmap mobile app in the Field

By | January 28, 2016

pipelineThe Pipeline Technician maintains and operates pipeline assets including, valve manifolds, pig launchers and receivers, compressor stations, dehydration units, amine process plants, and control and pump stations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Locate pipelines as needed and oversee excavations and line crossings.
  • Launch and receive cleaning pigs and assist with the launch and receiving of smart pigs.
  • Install pipeline markers and do routine inspections on ROW.



Pipeline Technician use mobile app in the Field

Pipeline Technician use mobile app in the Field

Key features:

  • Software designed for efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance
  • Intelligent data capture based on conditional attribute collection requirements
  • Customizable user interface data to simplify the field worker experience
  • Robust support for vector or raster map backgrounds for verification of field data
  • Runs on Any Android Devices: Tablet or Phone
  • High accuracy with Bluetooth Enabled GPS receivers
  • Real-time and post processed using online Tools to edit / share data
  • Export data to GIS Shapefile, KMZ, CSV…
  • Control Icon / Style by Attribute value

The ANDMAP system is a custom configured “turn-key” solution for your company’s Mobile Data Collection, Mapping and Project Management requirements. Your solution arrives to your business tested and ready to use.