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Andmap Ultimate – field GIS data collection

Software for highly productive field GIS data collection and maintenance The Andmap Ultimate is designed for fast and efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance. Paired with a supported Bluetooth Enabled GPS receiver and Android Tablet / Phone, it’s a powerful system for the collection of high quality feature and position data for GIS update and maintenance.… Read More »


Collect and Process Wetland Delineation Data in the Field

Quick Start to use Andmap Android app in Wetland Determination / Delineation Step 1:  create A project login, in Dashboard, click “add” >> Project   Step 2: Create New Collection Form click “add” >> Form (WETLAND DETERMINATION DATA FORM – US Army Corps of Engineers, contact us to download form from our library) SUMMARY OF FINDINGS HYDROLOGY Wetland Hydrology… Read More »