Andmap Ultimate – field GIS data collection

Software for highly productive field GIS data collection and maintenance The Andmap Ultimate is designed for fast and efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance. Paired with a supported Bluetooth Enabled GPS receiver and Android Tablet / Phone, it’s a powerful system for the collection of high quality feature and position data for GIS update and maintenance.… Read More »


The New Way Of Doing Field Work

1.       Create Project on Web ( 2.       Complete Collection Forms / Custom Icons if needed 3.       Import data (KMZ, CSV, …) 4. Download  Project Info, Collection Form and Master Data   5. Commence Fieldwork 6. Upload data back to Web 7. Validate any changes made – Data Editor 8. Upload changes into GIS – create View & export   About Andmap: ANDMAP LLC provides mapping and… Read More »

Why need create a “View”

“ANDMAP View” is a group of data,   To export (csv, kml, gpx, geojson) To Shapefile (group of data with same collection form (attribute)) Review for project manager, client Download to app (published view will be able to download from mobile device)   How to create “View” in Data Editor download all data or filter… Read More »

What is Andmap View

A view is one set of data. User might create a view of only pipelines and / or fittings, or filter by date. When need create a view? save Andmap Data to shapefile, kml, gpx, csv or … download data to mobile device, data in published views can be downloaded to mobile device How to create view? in Data… Read More »