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Custom Label

Attribute in the Form be nominated to have a Label

Attribute value for “MEN Bond Attached?” = “Yes”, will show “MEN” as label on the map,

(if attribute is “Attached ?”, will show “Attached” as label)





GPS Receiver for Android Device

Bluetooth Enabled GPS Receiver:

  • Bad-elf
  • Garmin GLO
  • Dual Electronics
  • Qstarz BT
  • Leica Zeno 20 (15cm accuracy)
  • High Accuracy Trimble


Data Collection Solution for National Park

ANDMAP is a cloud-based turn-key solution for your National Park Mobile Data Collection, Mapping and Project Management requirements, providing an easy to use and cost efficient GIS data collection solution for National Park field personnel.

The ANDMAP solution provides National Park field personnel with an easy to use mobile GIS data collection solution that provides polygon, poly-line and point creation references with supporting geo-tagged digital photos etc., which can easily be used together with existing GIS information systems used in the main office.

ANDMAP provides immediate value to end users, and National Park personnel can start to collect GIS and project data within minutes, and with minimal or no training requirements.
ANDMAP provides a market leading cloud based GIS solution with unlimited data collection and no infrastructure requirements for $199 / device / year with, and no contract needed.

more detail >> download PDF here