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Mobile Device

Data downloaded to your mobile device

  • Projects
  • Users
  • Data Collection Forms
  • Master Data (import in KML, CSV, GPX, JSON format)
  • Published Views
  • Schedules – Field Trip Plans
  • Tasks


Andmap Server

Some projects that Andmap mobile data collection solution were known to have been deployed include the followings:

  • Forestry and Logging
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Oil and Gas Explorations and Extraction
  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Natural Gas Production, Transmission and Distribution
  • Water and Sewer Line Construction
  • Land Subdivision
  • Urban traffic management
  • Postal Service
  • Couriers and Messengers
  • Telecommunications Carriers
  • Building Inspection Services
  • Surveying, Mapping and Geophysical Services
  • Census
  • POI mapping


Use External Bluetooth GPS receiver

#1 Make sure your Android has developer settings

Recent Android operating systems don’t have developer settings available by default, and the location of those settings is in different places on different OS versions. On older OSs, you can find the developer settings in the Android Settings app, under Applications > Development. On newer OSs, “Developer options” are at the top level of Android Settings, but you may need to make them visible. You do that by opening Android Settings > “About phone” and then scrolling down to find the “Build number.” Tap the build number about 7 times and you’ll see messages that count down until you “become a developer.” (If you see Setting / “Developer Options”, then you are already a developer!)
#2 Turn on “Allow mock locations.”

Check the “Allow mock locations” in Android Settings’ developer settings. This is required for the Bluetooth GPS app to make the GPS receiver’s location data available to ANDMAP, bypassing the built-in GPS.
#3 Turn off internal GPS
#4 Turn off Wi-Fi, Data Connection(save battery)
#5 Turn on bluetooth
#6 Pair bluetooth GPS

What is Quick Access

Quick Access Button

A shortcut in main screen, will launch camera to take geo-tagged photo with bearing integrated compass. It is for bird observation, photo station in bio survey.
You can change the feature type for quick access button

What is Andmap View

A view is one set of data. User might create a view of only pipelines and / or fittings, or filter by date.

When need create a view?

  1. save Andmap Data to shapefile, kml, gpx, csv or …
  2. download data to mobile device, data in published views can be downloaded to mobile device
How to create view? in Data Editor

For Shapefile, be sure create View for each feature type. Can’t save to Shapefile when View has multiple feature types.